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Snow Removal Tips - JustPlowMySnow.com

When it comes to snow, the view outside your window can be stunning. At least, it starts out that way. As reality hits, you realize how much that beautiful white blanket will interrupt your day.

The Hours before the Storm

Before the snow hits, you should inspect your equipment. For shovels, make sure they are unbroken. For your snow blower, you should verify that it is in working order. If your snow blower is an electric start, make sure the cord is unbroken and working. If you have a gas model, ensure you have extra gas to make it through the job. You can also look for any objects that may be sitting on any surface you plan to clear. This can help to prevent issues once the snow is ready to be cleared.


During the Storm

How you handle snow removal depends on a few things. If you are expecting a serious, heavy snowfall, you should consider removing snow after every few inches have accumulated. This will make the job more manageable and less likely to lead to injuries. Keeping walkways clear is a great idea whether it is snowing heavily or not, however. Stairs and porches should be cleared hourly.


After the Storm

Once the storm has passed, you can shovel the remaining snow. For light, dry snows, a snow shovel may be good enough. It is important to use the right technique, however, to prevent serious injuries from occurring. This includes shoveling light loads and taking breaks often. Spinal injuries and stroke are increased risks when it comes to snow removal. Take precautions. If you feel any discomfort or pain, stop. For heavy, wet snow – you should consider the use of a snow blower. These tools are easier to use and less likely to result in an injury. Whether you removed objects from your path or not, always keep an eye out for them. Branches can snap under the weight of a heavy snow and may be hidden beneath the snow. Exposed or uneven pavers can also be dangerous obstacles. Go slowly to limit injuries.


Hiring a Professional

You can also look to hire a professional. Signing a contract now is a great idea. Not only do you catch the company offering reduced rates, but you also can make sure you check the reputation of a company before hiring them. During the snow storm, you can expect snow removal professionals to be extremely busy. It is likely you will have to hire whichever company answers the phone instead of checking out how reputable their services actually are.


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