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Snow Removal Shortcuts You Should Know - JustPlowMySnow.com

Snow and ice in an inevitable part of winter in many areas. Removing them can be a hassle, but it is a necessary part of winter-life for most people. (Unless you hire a professional snow removal service that is!) Below are some shortcuts you might want to try out to help save yourself time, money and effort.

Blow It All Away!

Just because the fall has ended, it does not mean you need to retire your leaf blower. Light snows are no challenge for this particular piece of equipment! For heavier snows, look to a snow blower instead. Through the power of modern technology, save yourself from hours of backbreaking shoveling and simply blow it all away. (Your shop vacuum can help too! Suck up any light snow, or enable exhaust mode, and blow it!)


Cover Up!

If shoveling snow is not for you, you might want to consider covering up! Using a canvas painting drop cloth or a heavy-duty plastic tarp can help you clear your property instantly. Lay your cover down before the storm starts. You can lay it on vehicles, walkways, stairs or other surfaces you want to clear snow from. Once the snow stops, slowly pull the cover away from the area and the snow will go with it.


Let the Cat Out!

If you own a cat, you probably have ample amounts of kitty litter on hand. For all others, you can purchase the gritty litter from almost any store. Kitty litter makes a great de-icer. It also helps with traction. Using it on your driveway, stairs or walkways can help reduce the risks of falls and help your tires keep their cool. (For traction, you can also use sand, birdseed or wood ashes.) Better yet, when everyone panics and buys up all of the rock salt, kitty litter stays in stock!


Medicinal Assistance!

Did you know rubbing alcohol can de-ice windows and help prevent fogging? It is true. Spray your icy windows with rubbing alcohol. After, dry the window with an old towel or squeegee. (Did you know clear alcohol works too? Vodka, gin, rum – it all works here!)


Melt It!

Are your car’s doorknobs frozen? Pour a bit of lukewarm water over them. (Remove any run off water immediately with a squeegee or towel to prevent re-freezing.) Lukewarm water helps to de-ice surfaces safely without damaging the finish. However, you do need to avoid using hot water. It may melt ice faster, but it can cause damages as well. Heating a frozen glass surface, for example, can lead to the glass breaking. Hot water can also warp frozen metals and crack driveways.


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