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Snow Removal FAQ - JustPlowMySnow.com

Snowfall is beautiful as you peer out your window and watch is slowly blanket the world around you. However, when it comes to access to and from your home or business, snow can also be a danger. Below are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about snow removal.

Shoveling, blowing or plowing: which is better?

The truth is the tool you use to remove snow is up to you. Shoveling snow from small areas or places where blowers and plows cannot reach is great. Not only are shovels your cheapest options, but they are also easy to store and use. They require no fuel or electricity to run as well. Snow blowers are ideal for walkways, short driveways and small parking lots. Self-propelling models with rubber lips are the easiest to use and least likely to damage your pavers or blacktop. Snowplows are much more expensive than the other options. However, for large areas needing snow removal, plows are your best option.

Why should I hire a snow removal service?

There are several reasons someone may want to consider hiring a snow removal service. Shoveling snow can cause serious injuries to your spine and joints. It is also known to trigger strokes and heart attacks. If you have limited mobility, have had an injury or are currently healing from one, shoveling snow is not in your best interest. Furthermore, properties that have large areas that need snow removal, like a parking lot, can have their grounds promptly and professionally cleared of snow.

Should I worry about my landscaping?

Most professional services are very conscious of your landscaping. However, you should take some simple precautions. Tying up small trees, as well as shrubs and bushes, can help to prevent damages caused by weather and snow removal. It is always a good idea to stake the borders of the area to be plowed to ensure everyone is aware of the boundaries of the snow removal zone.

How do I distinguish between a professional snow removal company and a fraud?

A reputable professional will be licensed and insured to perform snow removal. Furthermore, they should have no problem providing copies of these documents to you before you hire them. If you are looking for a seasonal contract, a professional should be able to draw up a valid, concise contract that details how frequently they will remove snow from your property. For example, if they do a pass through every 6 hours during a snow storm, or come after every 4 inches has fallen, this should be included in the contract document.

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