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Finding a Reputable Snow Removal Professional - JustPlowMySnow.com

Whether you are a business owner or a homeowner, hiring a professional snow removal company can be helpful. In fact, not only can it save you time, but it can also prevent personal injuries that can be incredibly costly. However, finding a reputable snow removal professional can be hard. After all, anyone can slap a plow on their truck and call themselves snow removal professionals. Below, we take a look at certain things a reputable, professional snow removal company can provide that Joe Schmoe Plow cannot.

Having the Right Equipment

A true professional has all the right tools needed to get the job done. Plows, shovels, snow machines, and snow blowers are all part of your professional equipment package. A professional snow removal company should have all necessary tools to tackle all aspects of a job. After all, parking lots, sidewalks, and entrances all need different types of removal tools.

Providing the Right Documentation

In addition to having the right tools, a reputable snow removal company should have the right documentation as well. We are talking about licenses and insurances. A real professional has obtained a license from the appropriate state or city boards, certifying them as a legitimate company. They should also maintain insurances that cover damages to your property as well as injuries to their workers. Not only should they have these documents, they should readily provide them to you upon request.


Laying Out the Terms of a Contract

A true professional should also be ready and able to provide a written contract. This should specify the expected turnaround time for snow removal. For example, during a heavy snow, you may want a plow service to remove snow every 4 hours. Or perhaps you just want the snow cleared within a few hours after the last snowflake has fallen. You and a professional snow removal company should be able to work out a timeline, as well as the expected workload and cost. Not only should a reputable company agree to a signed contract, they should be able to put the details in writing for you.


Do Your Homework

A reputable snow removal professional should be able to provide references in addition to all of the above. However, you should do your own homework as well. Plenty of businesses are ranked online. Yelp, Facebook, and other sites can provide first hand reviews from clientele. It never hurts to research potential companies before contracting with them.

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