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The Basics of a Snow Removal Contract - JustPlowMySnow.com

We talk a lot about the importance of removing snow in a timely manner. It keeps your occupants or customers safe, allows for emergency access, and makes it easier for you to get out. Hiring a reputable professional can help to ensure this is done. There are many schemers, however, who want to take your money without providing a quality snow removal. Aside from providing proof that they are licensed and insured to do the work they offer, a professional snow removal company should so one step further. To avoid falling for a potential scheme, a reputable company should be able and willing to provide a written contract, to which both parties can agree. Below are the basics of a snow removal contract.

Scope of Service

After the parties names, a section should be included that defines the expected scope of service. This can be as open ended or specific as you desire. Some clients prefer to make this section very specific. This can be beneficial; however, it can also mean you exclude things you do not know you need. Shoveling sidewalks, plowing driveways or parking lots, and laying rock salt are all important things to consider when creating the scope of service section.


The terms of the contract should dictate how, when, and why you would terminate the contract. For example, if you sell the property, you may wish to transfer or terminate the agreement. The snow removal service may charge a penalty fee for early termination. If this is so, this should be spelled out in this section of the contract to ensure there are no surprise fees.


Different snow removal companies accept different types of payments on different timelines. For a private residence, a snow removal company may expect upfront payment or payment immediately after their services have been provided. For a large commercial job, however, the snow removal service may provide a monthly invoice for any materials and services they provided during that time. This should be spelled out clearly in this section. A reputable company should also be able to give you a definitive cost for snow removal. That can be included here as well.


The performance section should define how the snow removal company will provide their service. Most contracts use this section to spell out that the snow removal company will provide good, quality, professional services with the proper equipment. This section will also spell out that the maintenance of the snow removal equipment is the sole responsibility of the company. This section can also spell out the expected frequency of service to be provided, as well as any consequences of the company’s failure to perform as expected.

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